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As I am working in the insurance domain we have to secure all things related to Infrastructure, Containers, secrets, Keys and monitors all deployed applications in production via Prometheus/grafana/ELK with alerts that trigger when they cross thresholds. I am majoring…

Provisioned HA Sample Web on EC2 cluster in Multi AZs via Terraform and Ansible

Hi Guys, I have been working on a project where I had to create a web cluster on cloud platform AWS using terraform code which will be provisioned in multi AZs. …

Automate the provision of a Consul cluster using terraform

  1. We have used AWS for hosting our solution
  2. For operating our infrastructure we have setup an HA Consul cluster distributed over at least 3 availability zones i.e. (in my case) us-east-1
  3. The setup and maintenance should be fully automated and consul instances are discovered themselves using DNS
  4. Once code is…

Project Details

  1. Implement two basic, dependent microservices.
  2. Deploy the solution on a local container orchestrator(Minikube).
  3. Create a diagram and briefly explain how this would be deployed using Continuous Integration / Deployment on a cloud provider.

This is a project to build Flask app using python flask framework and deploy it on…

Today, we will understand the use of SCM (i.e. source code management) in any IT organization you would work.

SVN or GIT was not so much popular as today. It has become the base of any IT organization which initiate any project.

The major difference what I experienced so far…

Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development designed to speed up deployment cycles, foster innovation, and ownership, and improve maintainability and scalability of a software application

Traditionally, microservices were not on the boom as it is today in the market. It has really made the task very…

The reason I am sharing this because it has drastically changed the way of deployment of an application without delay of any third person. You just need to have a server where you want to deploy your application and with just simply one command your application is up and running.

How it works let’s understand…..

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